It is said that Gebeliashighland, where our vineyards are farmed, was used as a strategic hinterland by those who rebelled against the Saracen pirates that had temporarily colonized the area: it seems that the armies of the two factions, local and pirate, faced each other in a battle for the conquest of the territory. The myth says that the local people got the better of the Saracen pirates because they organized their army in “orderly” troops managing to send the invaders back to the sea. Orderly troops that couldlook like the order and geometry followed during the implantationof the company vineyards, which resist in the highland and that in Arabian are called “Karam”, offering us this perfumed and seductive rosé.

Region: Sardegna
Alkoholindhold: 13,5% Vol.
Serveringstemperatur: 14-16°